Dear guests from the Riro Namaste Complex we want to inform you that. We are working hard to meet the certifications of Green Hotels that work in a sustainable way.


In accordance with the principles of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism + 20, in our organization we are committed to preserving the environment, the well-being of our team and that of our community. Therefore, we carry out our work trying to satisfy the following principles:

Comply with current applicable regulations related to the environment and biodiversity, historical and cultural heritage, safety and health.
Reduce the environmental impacts derived from our activity, and apply actions aimed at reducing pollution, improving eco-efficiency and the responsible use of resources.
Preserve biodiversity and cultural heritage, through its conservation and dissemination among our visitors.
Involve our collaborators in our commitments and in their own development, training them and maintaining an environment of mutual respect and open communication.
Promote the sustainable development of our tourist destination, facilitating commercial relationships with suppliers in the region.
Evaluate our performance to guarantee the continuous improvement of our sustainable management.

Yeye Mantini
Host Complejo Namaste